Artist Statement

People say interesting things; and they say them in interesting ways.

The voices I collect from otherwise uninvolved individuals become the raw material as well as the inspiration for both my installations and my musical compositions. The nuance of the spoken human voice has a unique ability to communicate much more than the words themselves, and I try to tap into this power and enhance it with the music I compose using the voices.

As I develop my pieces, I like to create a balance of control over the results between myself as the artist, the individuals who have contributed their voices and the directed randomness of the algorithmic systems I have designed to evolve the musical elements over time. I am drawn to results which surprise even myself as the creator; there is something extremely exciting – and somewhat nerve-wracking – about never knowing exactly what my own work is going to sound like, look like or feel like.

In many ways, my work is a combination of socio-anthropological ‘research’, musical documentary and participatory experience. I try to collectively represent various human experiences and ultimately my own artistic voice through the personal expressions of a myriad of participants.

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