Mountain Ghosts

a contributory location-aware sound art installation at UCCS

Project Description

From the Gallery of Contemporary Art at University of Colorado curator notes:
Mountain Ghosts is a site-specific sound art installation that infuses the entire University of Colorado / Colorado Springs campus with a location-based layer of audio created collectively by the artist and participants. Building on Burgund's interest in systems, collected voices, and participation, Mountain Ghosts explores sound as fundamental to our experiences of space, place and history. Participants use a custom smartphone app to make audio recordings that the Mountain Ghosts system then codes by location and immediately assimilates into a collective databank for other visitors to access.

As participants walk through the UCCS campus listening to location-based music and participant commentary, they can respond to prompts on the Mountain Ghosts interface that invite them to reflect on their surroundings and contribute recordings of their thoughts and experiences. Participants are, in effect, creating "ghosts" from the past that are permanently attached to specific locations.

For the duration of the project from September 8th to mid-November, 2011, Mountain Ghosts folds individual voices into a collective archive that creatively documents a unique sonic record of actions within the landscape.

Audio Sample

Additional Information

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