Stardust to today; Ever seen the history of the earth laid out to scale?

This project involves roving conversation events that stretch from the formation of the Earth to today. Thoughts and ideas from these walks have come to form a location-sensitive audioscape installation, to which you can now add your own thoughts and wonders.

You are invited to participate.

∞ time     • energy     α the complexity of life     × genealogies or ancestors

Scientists, artists and all are invited to think of a personal wonder in order to share their own understandings of time, energy and our ancestors in this context. In this way, astrophysicists, geologists, evolutionary biologists, and paleo-scientists, will walk alongside those involved in the cultural interfaces of our relationship to nature.

Your ‘wonder’ could be an idea or story that amazed you, a current or abiding research interest, an object you can bring to decide.

There are three ways to participate:

Upcoming Walk Event Details:

If you would like to join for one of these walks in Sydney as part of ISEA 2013, see here for more information.

This project is a collaboration between artists Trudy Lane and Halsey Burgund.