From Here To Where

a journey into the foothills of the Rockies for Re/Call

September, 2018


From Here To Where is a location-aware audio installation commissioned for Re/Call, a weekend-long event that "celebrates the natural environment, embraces the intersection of art and nature, and lingers between the ethereal and tangible".

The piece takes listeners on an audio journey from a world dominated by anthropogenic sounds to one filled with natural sounds while they travel from Denver to Buffalo Peaks Ranch. It is the hope that listening to From Here To Where while journeying to Re/Call will prepare visitors for the events to follow throughout the weekend.

Audio Example

This is a two-hour long example of the full journey from Denver to the ranch. Each listener will have a different experience based on how fast they travel and the specifics of their route; this audio shares one such experience.

For those who don't have the ability to install the official mobile app or for whom connectivity is an issue en route, this audio can be downloaded; just press play in Denver and start driving!

Alternatively, a video experience is available to enable approximate syncing of location and static audio. This video is embedded into the iOS app as a back-up method.

FHTW route

Download the App

In order for the listener to hear the proper audio mix for their current location, From Here To Where needs to know where the listener is physically located at any given moment. The best way to accomplish this is with a mobile app, so please install the free app from the App Store for the full experience.

FHTW screenshots