I am back. Back in DC at the Archives of American Art for the final month of my SARF fellowship. I am very excited to continue my research and hopefully get closer to an actual exhibit here at SI in the future.  I have had meetings with curators and archivists from the Hirshhorn, National Portrait Gallery and National Museum of African Art and am continuing to meet new interesting people and uncover more and more pockets of audio recordings of artist voices which is very exciting.

I am still very much not looking forward to getting legal clearance to use all of the recordings I want to use, but it seems as though this is going to be unavoidable.  Thankfully, there are some SI museums that have gone to the trouble to put their audio and video assets up online, so their public availability makes things simpler, but other museums don’t even have their archives digitized, so that’s another challenge altogether.

This new approach of using voices recorded by other people for different purposes is very interesting as it opens up so many more possibilities for my work, but I wish I had an intern/assistant/lawyer to help!  Maybe some day?

OK, back to culling through the 306 audio recordings available in the Hirshhorn archives…

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