Today is my last day of my first stint here in DC. I’ve got mixed feelings. I’m very happy to be going home to sleep in my own bed again(!), but I’ve had a wonderful time down here and I want to make sure the momentum I’ve been able to generate does not dissipate.

Truthfully, I’m not too worried about that as the connections I’ve made will still be accessible, and am feeling glad that I have broken my fellowship up into two sections. This first month has been all about getting my bearings straight, meeting different people, doing some initial listening to archives and basically absorbing as much as possible in this short period of time. But as I start to clarify my research a bit more on potential future projects, I imagine I’ll be able to spend my next month here in a more focussed way. It’ll be good to take a step back and really think about what might be possible and how things can move ahead so that I can prepare for my second trip and hit the ground running, as they say.

Before I got down here, I had all these romantic ideas about searching around in some long-lost, secret, vaulted-ceiling basement space and coming across ancient audio recordings on some unheard of format, dusting them off, literally, and finding them infinitely inspiring for a new piece. Of course this sounds ridiculous, but I can’t help it!

Clearly the more practical side of me knew this wasn’t actually going to be the case, but that was the level of inexperience/ignorance with which I arrived here at SI. But I like ignorance; and have been pretty adept at it in some past projects. I am much less ignorant of many things SI now (mainly the acronyms), but taking the broad and un-focussed initial pass at my research is already proving to be beneficial.

I have this FREE TACO card here on my desk…expires before I return and I’m getting Thai food today…who wants it?

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