In the past, I have always gathered my voices by interviewing people directly or creating some sort of framework within which they could participate. So all the voices I have used in the past have been ones collected explicitly for my work and therefore tend to be related to the topics that I have explored in my work (the ocean, race, the weather etc) and ones that I hope to explore in the future (religion, pets, religious pets…)

But now my approach is almost the reverse. There are huge stores of recorded audio at Smithsonian and I have to seek them out and listen and decide what topics interest me from the source material and then figure out what on earth I want to do with them. So I’m a little confused and honestly flailing around a bit now, but I like that this is forcing me into something different. I think I’ll get used to it soon; getting some more specific ideas will help me focus and that will help me feel like I’m actually doing something(!).

The other complication with using recordings that I did not make myself is a legal one. More on this later…

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