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Roundware: Rockland @ Camden International Film Festival

September 2016

I gave a talk and set up a demo of Roundware for the interactive Storyforms track at the Camden International Film Festival in Maine which highlights some of the finest documentary films of the past year. The festival corresponded quite conveniently with the full moon and super high tides, so I was able to haul my float and do other boat work in Penobscot Bay in the same trip(!).

I spoke about my work, Roundware and the Roundwre:Rockland demo at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockland and had a great time checking out all of the other interactive and VR-based pieces exhibited at Storyforms. Thank you to Sean Flynn et al for the invitation to participate.


From the Mouths of Monkeys on the Greenway

September 2016

From the Mouths of Monkeys is an 8-channel audio installation that combines music and spoken voices. The piece is an exploration of personal belief systems using the Chinese Zodiac - and the Year of the Monkey - as a jumping off point.

The piece was commissioned by the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy which is responsible for all public art in the mile and a half long Greenway park that winds through Boston.

I recorded conversations with a dozen people (from 0 to 84 years old) who were born in the year of the monkey and asked them questions about their beliefs and the origins of those beliefs, whether they be zodiac-driven, religious, scientific, etc. The topics ranged from fate vs. self-determination to linearity vs. cycles to life after death and many more.

I then composed a four-part site-specific piece of music which acts as an environment within which the voices are arranged by various criteria, both semantic and aesthetic. The four parts are spaced along a leafy walking path in the Greenway, providing listeners with a journey of sorts as they pass by and through the piece. Every utterance listeners hear - in similarity and difference - comes from the mouth of a “monkey”.

from the mouths of monkeys

Faint Earth Murmur @ Harvard

March 2016

A new installation of mine called Faint Earth Murmur opened at Harvard's Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments Special Exhibitions Gallery.

I was commissioned to create an audio installation to accompany a new exhibition on the history of radio called Radio Contact. The exhibition contains some truly incredible examples of historic electric and electronic equipment including all sorts of tube radios, wild antennae and ancient microphones. I view my piece as something that can not only tie together the over 100 objects, but also bring them (back) to life as most are in a non-functioning state at this point.

The gallery is in the Harvard Science Center and it's free, so check it out if you're in the neighborhood.

faint earth murmur

Miami Art Week / Art Basel

December 2015

Earlier this month, I debuted a new project in Miami, FL called unreserved. Since it takes inspiration from the Miami Art Week / Art Basel fairs in Miami every December the project opened for these events, but it is ongoing and will continue for the foreseeable future.

unreserved is a location-based contributory audio installation in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami which has a strong tradition of street art. This tradition has, however, taken on a new dynamic due to the transformation of the region during the art fairs. Street walls are now reserved and curated in increasingly restrictive ways, leading to a cultural shift which is not necessarily welcome. With unreserved, I hope to enable locals and visitors alike to leave their audio graffiti in any place and in any way they so choose.

unreserved is a collaboration with and funded by the Fordistas Gallery located in Wynwood which houses the gallery component of the piece. The project has been covered by a few local news outlets:


The wonderful folks at Fordistas put together this trailer for unreserved.

Listen to an audio excerpt here:

Brother Thomas Fellowship

October 27, 2015

I am honored and excited to announce that I have received a fellowship from the Boston Foundation as part of their Brother Thomas Fellowship program. I join an esteemed list of fellows and finalists.

This is a rare program that celebrates artistic accomplishments and vision in an unrestricted way, giving recipients complete freedom in how to use the generous award. I plan to use it not only to give me more time to take advantage of my MIT Media Lab and Open Documentary Lab affiliations, but also to invest back into Roundware.

The Boston Foundation

MIT Media Lab

October 7, 2015

I have recently extended my infiltration of MIT by becoming a Research Affiliate in the Responsive Environments group in the Media Lab at MIT. This was precipitated by my Bog People installation work which is part of the larger Living Observatory project in which the amazing folks in the Responsive Environments group play a huge part.

I am honored and humbled to be associated with these technologists/researchers/musicians/artists and am looking forward to learning even more from them than I already have.

MIT Media Lab

Invisible Monument: Dewey Square

September 2015

I am pleased to announce the first in a series of installation/events called Invisible Monument, a new project in collaboration with artist and fellow MIT Open Documentary Lab fellowLara Baladi.

WHEN: 30th of September 30th, from 4-7PM
WHERE: Dewey Square, Boston

Since 2011, from the Arab Spring to the Occupy movements, the world has experienced an unprecedented number of uprisings.

Invisible Monument is an ongoing series of contributory audioscapes, which will be geolocated in spaces across the world where these social movements started and changed history.

Invisible Monument

Tributaries Trailer

September 2015

A short film that Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums commissioned on Tributaries:


August 2015

I have just launched a new project commissioned by the Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums in Newcastle, UK, called Tributaries. I've been working with the museum for over a year on it and it's finally available for everyone to experience.

Tributaries aims to give insight into the daily reality of life, loss and love on Tyneside during the First World War. I worked with the archives and museum to uncover materials from 100 years ago that express what life was like back then - everything from diaries to newspaper articles to weather logs to sports scores - and then re-animated those writings with the help of local volunteers who expertly voiced them for us.

The resulting experience is a site-specific combination of a new musical composition infused with this content which is geographically distributed throughout the region for participants to discover as they wander.



re~verse @ the gates of Harvard Yard

April 2015

A new installation as part of Harvard's LitFest called re~verse is now open.  This project is made in collaboration with Harvard's metaLAB and the Woodberry Poetry Room.

re~verse is a participatory, location-based sound installation in which snippets of recorded poetry from Harvard’s collections—the voices of renowned poets—crowd together at the gates of Harvard's historic Yard.
They murmur together, chorusing with music composed for the piece and one another across stanzas and centuries. From gate to gate around the Yard, they combine with the voices of present-day participants, who are invited to contribute to a growing, unfolding work of art with responses, recitations, and reveries.

I view this iteration as a study for a larger project that I hope will flow from this initial set of experiments.  I have long been an appreciator of poetry and having access to the incredible set of recordings is something I never imagined would happen.

There is an opening event on Tuesday evening along with numerous other interesting happenings and people visiting.

MIT OpenDocLab

October, 2014

I have recently begun a fellowship at the Open Documentary Lab at MIT.

Though I am not a documentary film-maker in any way, I feel a lot of cross-over between what I do and what they do. We both go out into the world and talk to real people about their experiences/opinions/ideas and then take that raw material and sculpt it into some kind of collective whole. In the case of documentary, that whole tends to be a bit more overtly narrative than my work, but the OpenDocLab is a unique place because their focus is on new forms of documentary, many of which are very experimental and non-linear.

The OpenDocLab brings technologists, storytellers, and scholars together to advance the new arts of documentary.

I am honored to be joining a small group of very interesting and talented other fellows (fellow fellows?), and am having fun getting back into the academic world after so many years.

MIT OpenDocLab