A new installation as part of Harvard’s LitFest called re~verse is now open.  This project is made in collaboration with Harvard’s metaLAB and the Woodberry Poetry Room.

re~verse is a participatory, location-based sound installation in which snippets of recorded poetry from Harvard’s collections—the voices of renowned poets—crowd together at the gates of Harvard’s historic Yard.

They murmur together, chorusing with music composed for the piece and one another across stanzas and centuries. From gate to gate around the Yard, they combine with the voices of present-day participants, who are invited to contribute to a growing, unfolding work of art with responses, recitations, and reveries.

I view this iteration as a study for a larger project that I hope will flow from this initial set of experiments.  I have long been an appreciator of poetry and having access to the incredible set of recordings is something I never imagined would happen.

There is an opening event on Tuesday evening along with numerous other interesting happenings and people visiting.

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