TAPEdocsI was recently interviewed for a new online radio program called TAPEdocs.  The show takes an uncommon host-less approach to dive into the worlds of people who do interesting (or at least unusual) things.

My interview can be found here – “The way people are saying things” –┬ábut you should check out the others as well, especially the one about the guy who helped fix the mirror flaw in the Hubble Telescope.

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A Walk Through Deep Time

A walk through 4.57 billion years of the earth's history, layering ideas from across philosophy, science, and culture and inviting you to share your own sense of wonder.

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A new piece of public sound art created from personal responses to existing public art and the city of Cambridge, MA itself.

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Music for Journaling

A participatory audio composition about sharing ideas and creating a critical community focused on public art and its role in society. Commissioned by Public Art Dialogue for Volume 2, Issue 1, "Audience Participation".

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Hotel Dreamy

Where our dreams go on vacation... A growing collection of dream recollections and some music to bring them together.